Behavior Modification

How many speeds do you have? Most of us have two: extremely fast and completely shut off. For instance someone says something and we get angry and jump right into doing something. Then after a while when the rpm’s have died down we shut off. We do not attempt to do anything that will help us deal with the anger or keep it from coming back.
Emotionally it is like sitting in your car in the driveway and that car is in PARK and you sit there with your foot holding the gas pedal to the floor. That sounds crazy doesn’t it? We need to learn how to modify our behavior. To act intentionally versus acting emotionally. It will require a programming change...a change in behaviors. There was a research team that was working on road rage and they taught their clients a new behavior strategy. Every time they found themselves getting angry at another driver they were to stop and think, “There goes my mom!”
The next time you want to put the pedal to the metal, think about whether you are in gear to truly drive your life.


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