Crazy for God!

Yesterday I went to a TV show taping while on my retreat in Missouri. I'm here because Missouri loves company!
The show was talking about how we need more people that are crazy for God. Unity and working together. A fanatic is someone who is more excited than you are!
Unfortunately in today's church culture there is a competative nature that seems to rise up at various times. Many people today measure the success of their calling by how many people come. Often leaders feel pressured to create something just so they can be competitive with other groups. Why do we feel the need to compete?

I do believe that there are times when competition is healthy. But we cannot allow it to take over. God called each of us to not compete with each other but rather complete each other.

Maybe today we can all look out for an opportunity to help make someones CRAZY for God! Perhaps at the end of this day someone else's world will be brighter because of you! You complete me!


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