Demonstrative Praise

I used to enjoy playing sports as a young man. The thrill of physical combat and the eventually winner of the contest were inspiring to me. The best part about it was the congratulations every time we won.
After high school I went into college and began to perform as a musician and when people applauded after I sang it was exciting! (they didn't always applaud!)
Praise is best when it is demonstrated.
Psalm 63 says: "O God you are MY God; early will I seek you:; MY soul thirsts for you;MY flesh longs for you in a dry and thirsty land where there is no water. So I have looked for you in the sanctuary..."
David is demonstrating his praise for God by thirsting and longing for Him. Read on in that chapter and you see his voice involved, his hands involved and his mind involved. He is demonstrative in his praise because it is clearly evident.

Perhaps you have a hard time giving praise because you never received praise. You are not aware of the emotional lift it can bring because you haven't really experienced demonstrative praise personally. I can assure you today that if you will begin to praise the Lord, He will begin to "exalt" you...that means He will lift you up emotionally, spiritually and physically. Affirm your relationship with Him today. Turn up the intensity in your prayers and in your prayers. We don't need another declaration of who God is...let's give the world a demonstration!

Show someone you care this weekend!


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