Have you told you lately, that you loved you?

Did you get up this morning and tell yourself just how beautiful you are and thank God that He made you just the way you are? Probably not. You are probably already thinking about your day and the possibility for trouble in the middle of it.

If one of the most important things we can do on this earth is love our neighbor as we love ourselves, can you see the necessity of learning how to love yourself? God don't make junk! You are fearfully and wonderfully made according to what He said about you. What other people think...not really important. Tell yourself that this is YOUR day and that life is going to move favorably toward you today and people are going to respond to you in a beneficial way. It will truly make a difference.

In John 17 when Jesus was praying(he's a pretty good example), he prayed for himself BEFORE the ones closest to him and the rest of the world. Was he selfish? No! He knew that in order for his calling and mission to be accomplished, he had to be healthy and in sync with his divine purpose. YOU are no different.

So go ahead, pray for YOU this morning BEFORE you start to go down your list. This is YOUR day and YOUR blessings are waiting for you to go out into the day and mix it up. Tell yourself that you are special because God says you are and then let the world see those pearly whites! Love thyself!


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