The Masters begins day in Augusta. Psychologists are saying that Tiger Woods has a one stroke lead already, before they even begin, due to intimidation. When he plays in a tournament they say it affects how other golfers play.

This principle is not uncommon. If you are an athlete and you play with people that are more skilled than you are, you seem to play better. At work the same type of things happen. So in business, why not surround yourself with some of the brightest and most enthusiastic folks to help bring your game to a higher level? Why not find a group of folks doing what you want to do and get some insight into what really happens where you want to be? Why? Intimidation. Some folks do not practice this principle because they are intimidated by having anyone that appears to operate at a higher level around them. In ministry, intimidation shows up as people start to look at other ministers or ministries and compare themselves. This will almost always lead to something that isn't positive.

Set your eyes on the target...the goal. Stay focused on where you want to be not where you are. Get out of the blocks and start going in that direction. This is the day you begin to move forward...I mean really move forward. You will not be intimidated! Go get em' Tiger!


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