Mind Images

Today it is overcast and stormy. It feels very gloomy. So I am imagining a sunny day with a slight warm breeze and the faint sound of a wave crashing into the shore. Why? Because that makes me feel better than a dark, rain-filled day.
Imagination is a great thing. Worry is the wrong use of imagination. I am using it to paint the picture of a day that pleases me. I am taking an image I see in my mind and superimposing it on what is there. Then I focus on that. I have learned that whatever I focus on will develop.
The circumstances of this day may or may not change. It could get worse. But I won't see it if my eyes are fixed on the image I imagined. Scripture tells us to fix our eyes on Jesus. Perhaps that is because when we are looking at Him we do not see the things that were sent to distract and disrupt our lives. When we superimpose Him over our day and our meetings, we see the world in a whole new light.
So ask yourself today, what kind of day do I want? Then place that image in your mind and allow yourself to visualize it. Believe me, it takes some practice but it turns into quite a journey. I got to run...I'm taking a walk on the beach!


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