A Mountaintop Experience...

This week as I have been in the mountains writing and pondering, I thought back to the most famous series of lessons that the Lord shared with those closest to him. It is called the Sermon on the Mount and you find it in Matthew chapters five through seven. There was always a reason and purpose for everything that Jesus did and the central theme of this teaching was to make the disciples 'perfect'. That does not mean sinless or morally pure but rather complete, whole and mature...it means that we are all that God wants and desires us to be. If you read those chapters you get a glimpse of what our attitude should be in the Beatitudes. There are lessons on salt and light, fasting, wealth, hypocrisy, judgment, prayer and obedience to name a few. All given to help develop a well-rounded, sound-minded follower.
I realized something this week and that was how important prayer is. I need to pray more. Often my conduit for exchange with God(prayer),becomes obstructed and in those seasons I feel like I do not hear from Him nor can He hear me. As I went into this week focused and in communication with Him, I was able to experience Him speaking to my heart personally and through all of the beauty that was around me. Perhaps that is why he was on the mountainside when He spoke to the disciples. He knew that they would feel a sense of awe and wonder and realize just how incredible this journey with Christ is.
When was the last time you shut of the TV, and sat quietly in a room talking to God? Many people over-spiritualize prayer but to me it is just simply talking to the Lord like I would talk to you. I share my heart, I thank Him for all that is happening and I ask for a little insight into what's coming. I say, "Give me this day, the bread that I need and forgive me for anything that I have done that has hindered my progress." And in those moments, there is peace. Great strength comes. As you get ready for this weekend, ask God to bring great strength to you and face those challenges that you have been skirting. You are more than a conqueror through Him and its time for you to move forward into what He designed you to do!


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