One Touch Access

I was reading a chapter of Ephesians the other day. Right at the beginning of the first chapter Paul is asking that grace and peace move in our direction. Grace being defined as undeserved favor and spiritual peace which really means harmony with God and undisturbedness. I sat up in my chair when I read those words because I am always praying that peace would rule my life. And since I am a musician, harmony has always been huge in my life. In the third verse it says that we have been blessed with every spiritual blessing in the heavenly realm! What? That's right, read it again, every spiritual blessing. That means that all of those wonderful gifts that are given to us by God's spirit are openly available for download today into your life.

I have a Blackberry and it keeps me connected to the world that I roam in. One of my favorite parts of this BB is that when new software comes out, I get notified and sent to a place where I am able to access that info. There is always an OTA link which takes me right to the very thing I am looking for, right to the spot where I can get it and right to the application that will put it on my phone. One touch and I have it all downloaded right into my life!

For you and I, pray is that tool. I can ask, believe and receive. I can go to the very spot where what I need is located and bale to be downloaded into my life. One way. When was the last time you updated your software? Why not put the superfluous on hold today and get the latest updates for your life direct from the manufacturer. Downloads are readily available!


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