Raising the Standard

There are all types of "standards" that have been set in life. We sometimes refer to standards as the bar by which we measure success or lack of.
Proverbs 16:11 tells us that "the Lord demands fairness in every business deal; he sets the standard."

Often we allow ourselves to do things half-heartedly and become involved with only a partial interest or enthusiasm. It is most certainly true that you will get out of anything in direct proportion to what you put into it. I've heard kids say that they don't get anything out of school. Often I find out they never truly "study" and they have little if any interest in the subjects. Some say that they feel like the church is not meeting their needs. Talk to them and you may often discover that they have never served in a ministry outreach opportunity or that they serve so much they have missed the very core teachings of the church. Men and women that are disenchanted at their jobs may find that the job not only gets better, attitudes get better as well when they participate with all of their heart and with genuine excitement.

Why don't you "raise the standard" today in your home, at your office, or tonight at your church. Don't compromise enthusiasm, preparation and integrity. Approach this day with confidence because the Lord is with you and He will demand fairness. You will not be hurt...you will rise above the troubles!


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