Tuning in...

The other day I was in the car with some folks and they were listening to the radio. I mean they were listening to all of it! Every few seconds they would change the station in search of a song they liked. They would hear it, stay for a few moments and do it all over again. It was driving me crazy! They changed the frequency so much that I could not see how they could enjoy any of the songs.

I think we are quite a bit like this when it come to tuning into our Creator. We get so busy and we are searching for something that sounds good continuously. Over and over again we change frequencies and miss the benefit of locking into one voice. Oh to just set it and listen! To just listen to one complete song!

What stations are you listening to? Are you all over the dial? Why don't you tune into His frequency and listen for a day. See how much easier it is to enjoy what you hear when you stop looking for something else.And the best part is that once you have tuned in, you will find that he programs everything the way you like it every day!


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