We were talking about you...

is what Paul was saying to a group of church folks in Thessalonica. And when we pray for you and talk about you, he said that we always remember your "work produced by faith, your labor prompted by love and your patience inspired by hope."
Work produced by faith
Labor prompted by love
Patience inspired by hope

Our work(effort)is produced by our faith. That is why you are more valuable as an employee when you believe in the company. Your effort is produced by your belief system. Our labor is prompted by love. Labor is a deeper level of work. It requires more exertion and the level of love we have urges this extra mile mentality. Ever notice those people at the office that really enjoy working there, they love it and stay after everyone else goes home. Why? Because love prompts them to exert even more than average. Lastly it is patience inspired by hope. The only reason any of us can wait for anything is because we have a little bit of hope to hold on to. Perseverance comes when you begin to focus on the finish and getting what you have been going after. I have patience in the drive thru line because there is a hope inside of me,(and a hunger) that tells me I am about to get just what I asked for!

Let me summarize this for all of us today...FAITH gets the ball rolling. LOVE enables and empowers us to go deeper. And HOPE encourages us to keep going as we wait on the answer. It's important to be true to yourself and look at what makes you happy in life. If you are discouraged and feeling down all the time, take a personal inventory of the things in your life that you do that bring you some gladness. Begin to gravitate towards more things that make you feel that way. Is there a career where that is more dominant? Look into it. Talk to people that do those things. When you start to believe you can be all that you were created to be, the work will begin. But it is love that will take you places that the average person will never get to. And the hope that it is all coming together for you will keep you inspired as you take your new journey.
Do what you love and you will love what you do!


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