What is it about Mondays?

Why is it harder to get moving on Monday morning? Many would say it is because it comes after 2 days off from work. But I work on Sundays so it is more like another workdays for me and still hard to get going and stay motivated.

What if it is all in our head? What if we have been conditioned since we were in grade school to be miserable on Monday because it was back to school? Perhaps we could try to look at this as a wonderful and fresh start to a week that we have not encountered any difficulties...yet! I am going to lift up my head, wake up my spirit and have an incredibly wonderful Friday attitude on this Monday morning. It's all in perception and how we look at it. So why not look at it in a more beneficial and exciting way? Hey everyone, get up! It's Monday! What a week we week in front of us!


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