Go Jump in the Lake!

In the Book of 2 Kings and chapter 5 there is a story of an army general named Namaan who was well respected by the other soldiers and victorious in battle. But he had leprosy. Through a series of extraordinary events he is put in the position to be introduced to a man of God by the name of Elisha. Elisha was a prophet and carried on the supernatural mantle of Elijah, his mentor.

As Namaan gets to the place where this meeting was to take place, he had pictured in his mind the great prophet coming out and doing something fabulous...maybe waving his arms and speaking eloquent words of healing from God. Instead, Elisha's messenger met him and said, "go wash yourself in the Jordan seven times and you will be well.".

What? Are you telling me to go jump in a lake? And do it repeatedly! And I can't believe that you sent one of your employees...I expected to see you! The bible says that Namaan became furious and went away. In fact, he left in a rage. He had expected something so grand and marvelous that he missed the simple way that God wanted to cleanse his body!

Maybe that is you today. You are waiting for some type of sign and you have been looking for eloquent speeches, polished seminars and well designed CD teaching tapes. But the answer has not come. Or so you think. Perhaps God has given you something much simpler to do and so easy that you have stepped right over it. Eventually others around Namman said to him, "if the man of God said go wash, then perhaps you should go wash." They knew that if Namman were asked to do something great he would have obeyed, but this was just too easy. Ultimately he did what the prophet asked. Elisha was never in his presence and he was healed!

Don't miss the miracle that may be right in front of you today. It may not happen as you see it play out in your head but if you will do what God is telling you, IT WILL HAPPEN! Namaan did seek out Elisha to thank him. Always remember where your help comes from...it comes from God! Now go jump in the lake!


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