Joy Account Investment #1

One of the greatest ways to add to your JOY account is to be united in heart and mind and body. The best way to keep from falling apart is to pull yourself together. The bible says that we are to be like-minded which does not mean that we think the same things. It means that we have the same goals and are moving towards the same results.
At work today, what if your goals lined up in sync with what your bosses goals were? Can you see how this could be a more JOY-FULL day?

There is always power in agreement and when we are united we are unstoppable. The trouble for many folks is that their heart is not in their work, their family, their spouse or their ministry. Their body may clock in, they may be physically present but they are not their in mind and spirit. Whatever you do, do it as though the Lord was your boss and not man. Take a good look at the opportunites that you have been given and seize the very best in each of them. Work at your job, your marriage, your church group other words, put ALL of your heart into it.

It won't be long until you start seeing the JOY-FULL you!


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