Joy Account Investment #2

Paul gave us many investment principles for adding to our JOY account in the Book of Philippians. The next one that we highlight after being of the same mind as the Lord is to be of the SAME LOVE. In other words you want what the He wants for your life. Your desires are realized because they are His desires that He planted inside of you.

So many people are conflicted because they are chasing after things that can never make them happy. So all of that energy and effort is spent on something that does not give life to what they are doing. Face it, we have to love what we do. The only way to do that is to do what you love.

Love is the aim of all of our associations and relationships. We look out for the best in those that we are connected to and we express love towards them without the guarantee of getting love back. It's unconditional.

Same mind, same love...a pattern is coming together and that JOY account is beginning to grow!


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