Schools Out!

This is the final day of school for kids in our district. Tomorrow they will wake up late, stay up late and begin spending the night with friends.

Schedules change not just for them but for me as well. I will be called upon more during the day than when they were in school. I will be used to carry them from one place to another and prepare at least one more meal per day than I do now. In other words, schools out for them but work begins for me!

But you know what? I am looking forward to this summer and the many opportunities that it will bring. And all of those things that will be asked of me...well, I sort of like to be needed. Don't we all? Whatever you do, whether it is in words or actions, do it unto the Lord with all of your heart. Too often people start to look at what they are doing as meaningless and unimportant. To think that way is to not be putting 100% in what you are doing. What you are saying is that you would be happier doing something else. And the reality is that you can never be happy where you are going until you are happy where you are. When you put your heart into it you actually fill your heart with all the things necessary to do what God has purposed for you.

So I realize that not only do my kids need me, God does too! He wants to utilize my talents to do things that will make life easier for others. And He helps me enjoy the journey. Give your best today and see if the momentum doesn't swing in your favor!


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