Shape a GENESIS week!

On Friday we talked about David's prayer to get over the mistake of chasing the wrong things. He wanted a clean bill of health. In his prayer, according to the Message translation, he asked God to shape a Genesis week from the chaos of his life. I love that idea.
A Genesis week is one where the mistake is as it never happened. To be taken back to the place right before the bad choice was made. In the Book of Genesis the world was perfect and God was spending quality time with Adam and providing for his every need and desire. Creation was unblemished and unscarred.
Today, most of us are dirty. We are covered by the soot of life and scarred from injuries and accidents that have found their way into our lives. You may be reading this today and realize that your life is nothing but chaos and confusion. Pray the prayer David did. Ask God to shape for you a Genesis week out of the chaos. He will put fresh wind in your sails and a clean heart in your body! He will do this for YOU right now, just for the asking! Go get your Genesis week!


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