Steady Application

Last night I watched nearly 700 kids graduate from a local high school. This graduating class generated over 18 million dollars in scholarship monies. From the football player with over half a million to the braniac who received the same, it was truly something to watch.

I started the think of the others. That person who spent the last four years going through the millions of hours of classes and tests, struggling to maintain a C average. I always seem to think of the underdog. Yes, some of these students will go on to college and be paid huge sums of money for their talent. The rest of us, well, we just get our rewards over time. But know this...YOU are also talented! And YOU will be paid too!

When I was in the music business I watched many artists with great talent receive cash advances for sales in the future. They were constantly under a huge pressure to perform in a way that would not only make the record company back their money but continue to pay out so that they could record another record. Sometimes it happens and sometimes it doesn't. For many of them, the pressure ws overwhelming. They key in all of this is to not get distracted by money and accolades. Keep everything in balance. Sometimes it is easier to live off of what you sell and forget the advance. In music, you often got a greater percentage by waiting and doing your deal that way.

The bible tells us that DILIGENT hands will rule. Diligence is defined as a steady application. It's constant and consistent. All of these young people were gifted. They were GRADUATES. They were ALL moving to another level.
So for you, the one they say is average..for you, the one with no special mentions or honors by your without the million dollar hands or golden cerebral cortex...remember that diligent hands will rule!

I sat in the audience proud of all of these kids and the work that had brought them to this place. A room full of potential and possibilities. Each one was a winner last night and is destined for greatness. It's all about the steady application...the consistency. Diligently seek the Lord in everything you do. Whether you received a scholardship or not, you have in your hands a diploma that God can bless. He will bless your talents, your scholarships and whatever you put your hands to do!


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