There is a difference...

I woke up today thinking about healing and being whole. There are so many people around us that are sick. There is a difference in being healed and being whole. In Luke 17 there is a story of ten lepers. Because of their diseases they lived on the edge of society, detached and miserable. Jesus came close to where they were and they began to call out to him. He saw them and told them to go to the priests. This was customary when you had been healed. Jesus spoke and they went with nothing having changed. AS THEY WENT, the began to be healed. The disease began to clear up as they obeyed his word. When you read the story you will notice that 1 of the men came back to say thank you. With a loud voice he glorified God. In Luke 17:19 Jesus said "your faith has made you well". That means complete or whole. This man was not just healed, he was made whole.
Here is the process: obedience brings healing, healing activates thankfulness and thankfulness produces wholeness.

When you are seeking divine assistance in going through a difficult season, pray to be made whole. It will require obedience. Healing will come. You should give Him thanks. And in all of this, when all is said and done, you will be made whole...complete in every area and lacking nothing.


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