Who's on your buddy list?

AOL has one. People who train their bodies at the gym have one. Who's your buddy? You know, someone that will support you and walk with you through whatever life throws your way. It goes deeper than a BFF.

Matthew 18:19 tells us that when two people agree on anything, power is generated that will accomplish what they have agreed to do. There is power in agreement. It takes teamwork to make a dream work.

Find someone today that you can add to your buddy list. You need someone that agrees with the direction you are going and will help you stay the course and not get distracted. Use this weekend to get your goal list together. Change your routine and mix it up a bit. If you want something that you have never had, be prepared to do something you have never done. Join forces today with another and just watch what two can do! It's time to add to your buddy list!


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