Working as a TEAM

A farmer had a mule that he hitched up to a 2 horse plow everyday. Each morning he would say get up Satchel, get up Beauregard, get up Betsy, get up Sammy Jo! His neighbor asked, “how many names does that mule have?” Oh, he’s only got one, the farmer said, his name is Pete. But I put blinders on him and call out the other names so that he will think he has other mules working with him. He has a better attitude when he feels he’s part of the team.

Teamwork is essential if we are going to move anything forward with efficiency. It was Ken Blanchard who said, "None of us is as smart as all of us." In today's culture it appears that there are many lone rangers in business and in ministry. But we were not designed to fly solo. We were made to work with the pack and support and encourage one another. Psalm 133:1 tells us how good and how pleasant it is when people live together in harmony. There is nothing like it. Teamwork is the ability to work together toward a common vision.

What teams are you on today? Have you separated yourself from the pack without even realizing it? Champions recognize that their individual accomplishments should be directed to greater organizational objectives. Join a TEAM today and do more with what you have been given. That TEAM may be a group at the office, a small group at church, a running club or a cooking class. Like Pete, you too will have a better attitude when you realize that you are part of a TEAM!


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