Ambushed by the Enemy

There are things we face that attack us that we are prepared for. There are also things that surprise us. They come from concealed places or people and they are totally unexpected. In 1 Samuel 30, David is on his way home from battle. His season with King Achish had ended and he and his men take three days to make it home to Ziklag. As he comes up over the hill, what he would see would bring him to his knees. The land where he lived was completely burned down and no one was around. All of the people were gone. They had been kidnapped. All the women and children. Scripture says that David and his men wept until they could weep no more. They cried until there were no more tears left in their eyes. The men in David's army were so overwhelmed by the ambush attack that they got angry at David and even thought about stoning him. Now David was not only grieving, he was distressed by the feelings he was getting from those closest to him.

Maybe you have been hurt by someone close to you. You may have wept and wept and there are no more tears to cry. Now you just get angry anytime you hear anything that reminds you about the people or places that hurt you. Like David's men, you may be allowing your anger to place blame on them and not own up to you part in the situation. And now you feel sad, alone and discouraged.

This week we will look at what David did to get out of the rut. How would he move through the grief and the distress. There is a strategy to overcoming the overwhelming attack that has ambushed you. Today, release your anger into God's hand and take those thoughts captive. It's a new day for you and you can overcome!


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