Are you Teachable?

We are talking about the ultimate tour guide this week. Guidance for daily living is so important to all of us. We started this three step program by looking at how God SHOWS us the steps. Step 2 moves to the classroom and how He teaches.

TEACH:Once He has gained our attention and He’s got us looking He goes deeper. The word “teach” means to show the fundamentals or skills of something or to impart knowledge. In this season His plan is planted in us. Most people do not know that they come with a plan for a great life already deposited within them. God provides us with an incredible strategy for success. But that process must be walked out each and every day. Unfortunately in our culture people think that learning only happens for a season and then you graduate. Receiving instruction and learning is a lifestyle. Proverbs 24 says that through wisdom a house is built, through understanding it is established but it’s rooms are “filled” through knowledge. We need to be TEACH-able. Did you know that the real definition of meekness is “having a teachable spirit’? He also allows us to discern the consequences of ignoring this instruction. Many times we go through this spiritual “boot camp” process over and over until we get it right. You’ve heard people say that you keep taking the test till you get it right. There is a path that seems right to man but the end is death. It’s God’s path that we are looking for. Is it time for you to be schooled again?


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