Church Camp

This is the week that our youth group at church goes to camp. I am somewhat envious of them as I never went to church camp. I hear all about the experiences from the kids and can only imagine what it feels like to spend a week together with your friends with only cold water and terrible food!

Seriously, I have noticed that camp time solidifies relationships that have started prior and gels a youth group together like nothing else. Perhaps it is because they play together, they pray together and they stay together. It's not about the speakers, the cabins or even the music. It seems to be about getting away from the familiar and trying something different.

There are many choices for all of us to make each day. Choosing to spend time with friends is a great choice. Whether you work together, workout together or worship together you can develop some lifelong friendships that you will always cherish.

Today take your own personal inventory. Like me, you may be a bit too old for camp. Who's in your camp? What type of things are you doing that others seem to enjoy. Remember you are never to old to be surrounded by incredible people.


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