Commit your way...

Here we are at the end of a "fret-less" week hopefully. We got started by relying on someone who is always there and will never leave us hanging...we trust in the Lord. Yesterday we brought out the idea of being happy...delighting ourselves in the Lord. We close our week with the next verse of Psalm 37...verse five says to "commit your way to the Lord".
We must all make a decision about the path we are going to take. Robert Frost wrote about the two roads that split in the woods and that he took the one less travelled by. When we have developed our ability to trust God and be happy about it, choices will come much easier than they do when we are completely out of fellowship. When we commit to something we say that we will continue whether things are good or bad. And the good news continues in that once we have committed the way we travel to Him, he validates our life in the clear light of day and puts His stamp of approval on us.
One thing I am certain of as I pastor our church is that people love to be validated. They want to belong, be loved and be needed. And those feelings come as they realize how valuable they are in this game of life. The way isn't always easy. Choices are often difficult. But when you are trusting God and delighting in His way of doing things, making a commitment to Him almost comes naturally. So ask yourself "are you committed?" I mean truly committed? When trying to think about what that means consider the plate of ham and eggs. The chicken was involved...the pig was committed!

Why not end this week by completely asking Him into your heart to be Lord and Savior? If you have already done that, perhaps today is the day you decided to rededicate yourself to what God intended for you to do. Trust, delight and commit. Open up before God, keep nothing back; he'll do whatever needs to be done. Your way will be much more visible!


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