Fret Not...

I want you to read a short little psalm in the bible today. Psalm 37. There are many suggestions for a good life in this chapter and it all starts in verse one. It says, "do not fret". It means not to worry. One translation describes fretting like making a hole with constant rubbing. Replaying a bad situation or a traumatic time in your life can make a hole in your spirit. We have got to stop looking at others and making our own assumptions about the why and what of our dilemma. It will always look like the people that hurt you are doing great. They call that "deception".

Verse 2 reminds us that people that hurt us will one day answer for the hurts. It says they will be cut down like grass and wither away. Life is too short to fret over things that may or may not be true. This week we will look at some of the ways to overcome that constant rubbing that makes holes in our lives. First of all, stop fretting. Don't worry, be happy!


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