Learning to Float

I was watching some kids in a wave pool the other day. The waves were man-made to bring excitement to the all of those in the water. There was alot of splashing and thrashing in the water. But there was one little guy who was just floating. And no matter how big the waves got, because he had learned how to float, he would always be lifted up by the wave!

Face it, we all go through some difficult stuff. Waves of adversity come crashing down around us every day. If we could learn how to float we may end up like that little boy...floating on top of what was trying to bring us down. Surrender was the key ingredient to floating. You have to believe that your body is going to stay on top of the water and then let yourself go limp. In other words...let go of the control! If you try to move, if you panic, well you know what happens then!

Jesus said to come to Him if we were weary and overwhelmed by troubles and that He would give us rest. Maybe that means he would teach us to float. Don't worry about the waves. You were made to stay on top of them. Jump in and let yourself go today!
With God nothing is impossible!


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