Location Frustration

How many times in your life have you found yourself unhappy about where you are? Maybe you are unhappy now? Frustration with your current location. There is a certain expectation that we have in our life. Things that we look forward to and things we expect because of where we are. I have prayed often in my life to be at the right place at the right time. When we are walking with the Lord it is the way we should live. And in that place, the place I prayed for, there was so much adversity and struggle and even pain. I prayed for an answer to why am I being attacked for being here? Am I in the wrong place? And the answer was interesting...I felt that what the Lord wanted me to know was that the hardships and attacks of my enemy upon me where I was were molding me. I felt as if he was saying that I was being attacked because of where I was going not where I was. The devils not fighting me because of where I am. He does not like where I am going!

Perhaps you have location frustration today. You are going somewhere great and on your way to doing some amazing things for God. Keep going. Learn the lessons as you go and know that where you are going is so incredible that the devil wants to pull out all of the stops to hinder you. You no longer have to be frustrated!


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