Loss of Direction

When years have been stripped away, enthusiasm wanes and our heart is broken, loss of direction is just a default. It’s DE-fault of the enemy! Spinning around in circles and going nowhere takes alot of energy. Then there is the inability to make a decision. I like to call it perception deception. In other words, objects in the mirror may be closer than they appear. Why don't you try using that little rear view mirror slogan for the blessings and favor of God. Your blessing may be closer than it appears! Losing direction is unsettling.This locationally challenged spirit brings us back to the first place the enemy hits us…isolation….being alone…being lonely. Loneliness is not a loss of affection. It’s a loss of direction.

Today I want you to see the power of your choices. You can take the high road or walk the crooked path. You have set before you life and death and today you can choose life. What have you got to lose? Your family. Your friends. Your happiness. Your peace. Your soul.

The life that you really want is found in Christ. When Jesus died upon the cross he split time. (BC/AD) He paid for the years lost. His body was broken so that your mourning could be turned to dancing…so that joy and enthusiasm would be constant companions for you. You can’t change your heart and God can’t change your mind. But if you will change your mind, God can change your heart. His blood flowed down Calvary’s hill so that you could find your way to Him.

Invest your time wisely. Keep your enthusiasm high and your whole heart into your journey with God. He will take you places you have never dreamed of!


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