Loss of Heart

Colossians 3:23 and 24 tells us that whatever we do should be done with a whole heart as unto the Lord and not for people. Imagine today that you are clocking in at the office for the Lord Almighty and not Mr. Smith. How is your day going to be different because the Lord is over you? Understand today that God is with us and in this for the long haul. We should be too. Men ought always to pray and not lose heart Jesus said. When our heart stays in it, it stays in our heart. Most folks that start feeling detached and disengaged have stopped putting their heart in it. Someone once said that when you are rowing the boat, you have less time to rock it. Love the Lord your God with ALL of your heart, and soul and mind and strength. It’s not how many hours you put in, its what you put in the hours that counts. And here is a clue…unless the Lord is in control of that heart, the heart is not capable of giving ALL. Are you losing heart?

You can swing the momentum today simply by applying ALL of your heart to WHATEVER you do. Your speech and actions will produce incredible results when you put your heart behind them.


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