Loss of Time

525,600 minutes per year. 86,400 seconds per day. In God’s kingdom it’s not how much we save but rather how much we spend and how we spend it. That is a lot of time to invest. Many of us feel like we have lost too much time…we have gone without so long…we’re too old. I think about Joseph who experienced such great trouble for “dreaming”. He saw himself as a champion, a winner, a ruler. His own family could not deal with that. So they snuffed out his dream. In the pit, sold into slavery, rising to power in Potiphars house, falsely accused for rape and imprisoned, called to interpret dreams for the baker and butler, then forgotten and left in jail. He was 17 when he received the dream God gave him. He was 30 when it actually happened. It would be 13 years from the dream until the actuality of the dream! We can't wait 13 minutes for our food! Time must be used wisely because when it is gone, its gone. How do you deal with loss of time? Invest it wisely. Choose how you spend it and when you have extra, invest it in something God is pleased with.


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