Standing on the Promises

Causing someone to expect something is what we term a "promise". When we make a promise we assure the person that they can be absolutely certain about the outcome. Think about how many times we may have said it. "I promise I will be home soon." "Keep doing your job and I promise I will give you a raise". All too often people make promises that they cannot or will not keep. When a promise is broken, credibility is breached and trust diminishes. Face it, you and I are only able to make good on promises if things line up the way they should or that we hope they will. We are fickle. God is not. In fact scripture tells us that Jesus is always consistent. He is the same yesterday, today and forever. About the only thing we can hope to promise to anyone is that we will do our best.

The bible is filled with thousands of promises for you and I that are guaranteed by the Lord. They are absolute facts and to put it in very simplistic language, you can take them to the bank. Today I was reading Psalm 91. It's jam packed with a variety of promises to help us not be afraid of negative situations. Verse 3 speaks about deliverance from traps and diseases. Verse 4 talks about divine protection. No evil can overtake you or destroy you.

We have an opportunity to stand on those promises today and believe that God can back them up. Or we can choose to believe that everyone fails to make good on promises and they are just nice thoughts in a history book. What you water will grow. Plant seeds of hope and belief in what God said you can do. Believe who He said you are. Step out towards those assurances today. He is the ONLY one who has the ability to make good on the words..."Call upon me and I promise that I will answer."


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