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It's the tagline of a new class we started at The Landing. It's all about health and healing and led by one of our church folks Joe Nelson. He began the class by taking each one of us to the word of God and showing us in scripture what God's plans were regarding health. God wants us to live healthy, prosperous lives. In fact Jesus said he came to earth and went through all of our earthly experiences and died on a cross so that our sins could be forgiven and we could have life: or as he called it "abundant" life. We went to Psalm 91 which I referred to the other day. As you read it you see that God will deliver us from all kinds of bad stuff. Disease and affliction are just a couple of those things. He wants us to have a satisfied life and a long life! ( you can listen to his teaching today by downloading the mp3 audio at the top of the left side of this blog)

I was so proud of Joe as he poured out the foundation for his class. You cannot build something that stands adversity without a strong and secure foundation. We were created in the image of God and we need to remember that. In a culture that craves quick fixes, I am certain there were those last night that just wanted a list of foods that were good so that they could buy them and eat them. Joe left them hungry and probably disappointed. But it wasn't his fault. He fed their spirit and according to Proverbs 18:14 it is the spirit that will help us weather sickness and pain.

So today I am not going through my devotional time in a drive-thru fast food manner. I will sit at the table with the "bread of life" before me and take it in piece by piece. I will think about what I am eating and enjoy every bite. Taste and see that the Lord is good! Why don't you shift into a slower gear today? Stop running and walk. Change the pace. Ask God to help you enjoy every step, every conversation and every activity. Prepare the foundation of your spirit for health and healing. The abundant life that Jesus promised is on the way!


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