Where He leads....

These first two steps deal with God speaking to us and preparing us for what lies ahead. Step three involves His LEADING.We cannot move into the “leading” phase until we have responded to what He has already done. Once we begin to take steps towards what He has shown us and is teaching us, then He begins to lead us down the path that leads to fullness of joy and life everlasting. We walk by faith and not by sight…His Spirit does the leading.
Today, you may be looking for “the way out” of life’s drama and the way into a world full of blessing and possibility. You may long for purpose and be starving for just a glimpse of what may be in the future. It all starts by looking in the right places and at the right things. I encourage you to fix your eyes on Jesus…he started the journey of your life and he will be there when it is over. He is the author and the finisher of the faith that you profess as a believer. Tell yourself that you are going to follow Him…trust in His leading and be alert to see all of the wonderful things that He will show you. Remember that God provides where He guides so watch out for those blessings that will overtake you!
So where do you want to go today? God’s purpose will always supersede our plans so the sooner we allow Him to take us through this guidance process the better.
Are you ready for the ride?


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