18 little stops

18 little stops. It's what I did yesterday. It was family golf tournament day. It all started shortly after lunch and due to an incredible thunderstorm, it did not end till 6:30pm!
I did not win. I played a bit erratic but I noticed that the level of patience in my life has increased. And I haven't even prayed for more! My endurance was better as I hung in and kept playing. I even had par on a few of the last holes! There was a time when I would have stopped trying if I knew I could not win. Life is teaching me to keep playing. I still don't like to lose but when I give it me best, I never do regardless of the final score.
My younger brother will reign as champ. The rain did not hurt him a bit. He played in that storm like that priest in Caddyshack!
How many stops will you make today? Will you play all the way through or quit when the great adversity hits? Why not let your inner champion rise today and keep giving it your best shot? You will reign as champion in the end!


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