Apple Store

Today I was going to do my daughter a favor. I got up early and went to the Apple Store to upgrade her phone. She wants the 8G 3G Iphone. Two hours I waited only to find out she could not upgrade. I had not done my homework and the last 120 minutes are gone from my life forever. But I was doing a nice thing. Funny how sometimes nice things turn out differently than you expected.

I learned something that day. Research, due diligence, homework: whatever you call it, you need to learn how to do it all the time. It's a lifestyle choice. Never make a decision without thinking about it. The bible says "consider the cost". I had done some of the homework but had overlooked one essential part. It was not the right time for this to happen...she could not upgrade...yet. I also learned that the Apple company has a very sharp marketing person. They only send a few phones in each have to wait for them in a line of people(gives the appearance that EVERYONE wants one) and then a year later they will UPGRADE that equipment and you will have to buy a whole new one. Genius, or as those Guinness guys say, "brilliant".

Have a decision to make? Doing something nice for someone? Consider the cost and do your homework. Time spent can never be spent again!


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