The Box Room

It seems that every year and a half something happens that provides me a wonderful opportunity to organizes...I have to move. This will be the 4th time I have moved in the last three years. I could be bitter. I could start murmering about how life just keeps messing with me. You see it's not really fun taking everything you own and transporting it to another place just to set it all out again. And for how long this time?

This move started with a different tone. I went to a local dollar store to get some boxes. You'd think I just brought a huge lottery check to the worker there. She greeted me excitedly and then took me to what has got to be called their "box room". Shopping carts filled with boxes! Was this packing heaven? She was so happy that I was taking these boxes from here. I was doing her a favor. And she was blessing me as well. You see, I can stil carry four dishes down my arm and a tray of glassware. It's a skill I picked up as a waited years ago. But boxes make it much easier!

They say one mans trash is another mans treasure. I was treasuring their trash as I loaded the car with these beautiful boxes. The tone was set., She was happy to get me started. This process is going to take me several days as I am working still and moving a room at a time. Sound crazy? I will explain tomorrow how this strategy is going to make this move a smooth one.


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