Color My World

Many years ago a group named Chicago recorded a song called Color My World. It started out like it was going to be an instrumental piano solo. I think it was popular when I was in my senior year of high school. Oh, the memories!

I thought about "color" yesterday as I began my house search. I've got to find a home within the next few weeks and I went into many of them yesterday. Some of them that I walked into appealed to me in a big way. They were just like others with the same floor plans. But they were different...what was it?...I got it...they had color on the walls! So many of the houses had the usual light beige or off white throughout the house. But there were those with rich greens and warm browns and deep reds, even a mustard yellow that was awesome! I naturally gravitated towards color. I need my world "colored"!

Thank God that He placed a variety of colors in our day. The landscape we walk upon each day is filled with vibrant color. If you feel today that your life is ordinary and bland, ask God to splash a little color on you. Visit a place where flowers are blooming! Just like the song says in its last line, Lord, "color my world with hope, of loving you!"


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