Lake Lure is amazing!

Yesterday I realized something. I realized that the beauty of God's creation cannot be hidden. I awoke early and the skies were cloudy. The sun could not pierce through and kiss the lake. Yet, the awesome glory of where I was came shining through.

I have often said that our days and the circumstances are events cannot control us, we must control them. We cannot afford to be dependent upon the sun to put a smile upon our face. We must not allow our smiles and attitudes to be contingent upon the removal of the gray clouds. There is a line from the movie Shallow Hal that that speaks to the way we perceive what or who is around us. Tony Robbins is the one that says it as he is explaining why we see things as we do. He says, "our mind sees what our heart wants us to feel." Deep isn't it? You have to ponder that one for a while. What it means is that your heart will control not only the blood flow to the body, it directs how you look at your life. That is why the bible tells us to put our whole heart into everything we do. To guard our hearts so that they are not controlled by the wrong passions and cravings.

I have to be honest and say that it does help when you are in a beautiful place to think about beautiful things. Perhaps we can capture these imnages and save them so that we can recall them later when things are not so beautiful? Let your mind take some great pictures today!


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