One Room at a time, Sweet Jesus!

I told you yesterday of my moving strategy. Most folks would rent a truck, maybe some "movers" and load everything into the truck, drive it to the new home and unload it all. I usually takes a day. But not "cup of joe"! No he is drawing this one day idea out into a plethora of sequential days! Why, you say?

I take a personal inventory each and every time I move. An inventory of my personality, my character and my stuff. I think about what I learned in the place I am moving from. I think about the memories tied to the things at that place. So as I begin in my first room (its the kitchen) I began placing the pots and pans and glasses and dishes into the boxes. Today I am thinking about my men's group that gathered in this house for the last year and a half. These glasses were filled with coffee and the plates had tasty treats on them. We talk about our dreams and then we put plans together to move towards them. Great times. I placed my plastic football shaped snack tray in. That's right, it's almost my favorite time of year...College Football...Go Buckeyes! Last season this tray was filled with chips, nachos, burgers and pretzels. Every Saturday last fall it brought such joy to me as College Gameday began. A frying pan is the last to top off this box. My kids love to have biscuits, fried eggs and bacon and this pan is actually 2nd generation. The first was used till it left for that place used kitchen pans go to. I love making them breakfast and that is something I will remember here.

It may seem strange to move this way. This time I am making it more therapeutic. So today, the kitchen stuff goes to the new kitchen. In a few weeks there will be a new place for the men to meet. In a few weeks, the football platter will come out and the new home will be filled with the Buckeye Fight Song. And I will have a chance to make my kids their favorite breakfast. Crazy, maybe. But as I told you, this move is going to be smooooooth. One room at a time, Sweet Jesus!


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