Settle Down

Yesterday some guy walked up to the house I am in and gave me some papers. The short version of what they said is that this house I am leasing is being foreclosed on and I have to get out. Now I knew that the owners who I was leasing from were having difficulty and that it was going this direction but still I was not fully prepared. I was sick to my stomach. I could feel worry coming over me. Where am I going to live now? What should I do? When should I do it? I was experiecing several unsettling emotions.

Today, I have settled down a bit. Nothing has changed. I still have no place to live but rather than letting that "sick" feeling take over, I am going to try and do what Abraham did. Abraham was told about how great he would become and how God was going to use him. He was also told to get up and leave his family and country and go to a place that HE WOULD be shown. An undiclosed location. Now Abe didn't say "I'm not leaving till you show me the city I will live in!" He didn't have a nervous breakdown or weep about how life is just so difficult. He left. He moved forward obeying God and had no idea where that journey would take him.

Now I am certainly no Abraham right now but I can obey God too. I can trust that if my season here is over he will either make a way for me here or open a way someplace else. The devils timing is never good. God always shows up at just the right time with just the right power to deal with any situation. Mayvbe you too are in turmoil right now. You have many questions but few answers. Your emotions are unsettled. I will tell you what I am telling myself...settle down. Take a deep breath. Tell the Lord what you are feeling but that you trust Him. I can assure you, He will direct your path!


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