True Freedom

Today our country celebrates freedom. Freedom is not free. Someone has paid a price for the freedom we enjoy. Don't take it for granted today. Thank God for the freedom you have to talk to Him without fear. To pray anytime you wish. To go to a building a worship the Lord and sing songs to Him without fear of being arrested.

This week we have studied the response and reaction of David in 1st Samuel 30. He has recovered everything that was taken from him and one another victory. He has all of the spoils and everything looks great. But some of the men, those that had grown tired of the pursuit they were on and rested, remained by the supplies while David and the others went to win the battle. When it was all over there was controversy because the men that fought did not think that the men that rested should participate in the spoils of the victory. David used that to teach them all something great.

The men that watched the supplies had just as great a part in the victory as the men that carried the swords. David brought the team together and by doing so brought the army freedom from conflict and from envy and jealousy. We need to be set free from many things today. Giving of our time, our talents and our resources is the start to getting freedom in Christ. David was so free in his heart and spirit that he even sent a tithe of all they had gotten to those that he protected and served. Sharing with another is a great picture of how free you are.

Celebrate freedom today. For America and for you. Whom the son of man sets free is free indeed! We declare our independence and we demonstarte our dependence upon God!


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