Where is YOUR source?

It's hard to watch the news lately. Everyone talks about how bad life is and no one is offering any hope. Oil prices keep rising, our economy is unbalanced and if you let it, life can get the best of you.

I began to think of all of those times in my life when I "freaked" out about something that changed or something I lost. If I lost a job I would wonder what in the world am I going to do now? When my car broke down I would think how am I ever going to get it fixed? Those things could still happen today but I have grown up a bit. The truth is I have realized not to trust in my job or the things that I have acquired. My trust is in the Lord. He is my source. So losing a job just gets me ready to get another one. My hope, my protection and my provision come from Him. He is in control of all of this.

So as we launch into another week ask yourself this question: "Who is my source?" When we put our faith in God we are unshaken when others are rattled. We are at peace when the world is in chaos. He the the vine and you and are are branches that MUST stay attached to Him. Don't let people or circumstances disconnect you from the source of the nutrients that you need for life. Let Him be YOUR source today!


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