He's on his way...

Yesterday my oldest son left for Nashville. He is off to make a path of his own and create a life that he can enjoy. I've never seen him so excited about going. And the interesting part is that he only has the place to live but no job yet! Crazy?

I thought about Abram when God told him to leave his country and family. He did not give him all of the information. He just said leave. I tried to picture Abram being as excited as Brandon was. I have to think that because he knew God was directing his steps, there was a high level of peace and resolve in going. I know that the Lords hand is upon my son and that he will be all that God has set up for him to be. So I am sad to see him drive away and also excited to see God's plan unfold.

Where is God telling you to go today? Are you excited about it? You may have no idea what the future holds but praise God you know the ONE who holds the future! Trust and obey: there is no better way to enjoy life!


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