Pretty amazing day with the eights! Eight is the number of new beginnings. It signifies the chance to start over with a clean slate and without regret. Many businesses are using this day to launch their newest promotional campaign. I saw a car commercial last night that says they are featuring $8 down payments and $88 monthly payments today!

All of us make mistakes and find ourselves behind the "8" ball at times. Think of today as a chance to erase the white board, get a brand new marker and start designing the future. Nothing that has happened comes in to play. The past is over and cannot show up on this board again. All that is important is looking at where you are and mapping out where you want to be. You have been destined for greatness and there is a beautiful plan for your life that will bring you joy and also bless those that are connected to you. This day can be YOUR new beginning. What have you always wanted to try? Where have you always dreamed of going? Are you ready to draw on your white board?


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