Breatsplate of righteousness

Righteousness is defined as virtue, honesty, justice, purity and holiness. This piece of armor was stunning…it was constructed of two pieces of metal held together at the shoulders by two brass rings. One piece came over the front and one piece over the back. It went from the bottom of the neck past the waist and to the knees. From the waist down it looked like a skirt. It was the heaviest piece weighing 40-125 lbs. Depending on the soldier. It was kept polished so that even the glare would disable the enemy.
First impressions are crucial…this was the first thing you would see on the soldier…the shine and condition of the breastplate. Those who do not put this on, walk around discouraged and depressed because they are unaware of the luster and shine that being righteous in God can do in your life.
Notice that this piece covers your heart.
When your feelings are hurt, you need to know you are righteous. Guard your heart and your heart will guard you.


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