Growing Weary?

Life is all about sowing and reaping. Planting and harvesting. You've probably heard someone say whatever you sow, that's what you will reap. Now really think about that for a moment. Is it becoming clearer? If you want more time, you have to sow...wait for it....TIME! Farmers know that you plant seeds of the produce you wish to harvest. If you want a harvest filled with kindness, then you must sow kindness. Now the one everyone should remember, you need more money, you have to sow money. Not saving, sowing. Don't get me wrong, saving is a good thing but sowing will produce so much more. I am always baffled by how confused some people get at harvest time. They wanted money but they planted time. They were critical and they expected some kindness. Whatever you plant, you will grow!

When was the last time you truly planted something? An hour. An act of kindness? An offering? We need to always be looking for places to plant so that we will be able to harvest what we have desired. It must become a lifestyle. And we should not quit. The scriptures say that we should not become weary in doing good, for at the proper time we WILL REAP A HARVEST if we do not give up.(Galatians 6:9) Find some good ground and plant according to what you desire to reap. Then don't give up. Don't grow weary. The proper time is coming!


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