This weekend I watched more than 100 children get school supplies and backpacks for school because of the Glenpool Community Outreach Center. 55 of them got haircuts!
Therer is nothing as moving as watching a child get something wonderful as a gift they did not expect. My heart was touched. I went over to one little boy who got a brand new Spiderman backpack that he showed me. And he was really excited about the Spiderman pencil case that came with it!

I love these types of events. I also met a terrific young man named Chris Gabriel who heads up a ministry called Rapid-Fire Paintball. They set up the portable arena right there in our parking lot and everyone enjoyed that activity. Afterwards we went into the auditorium to hear the music of Silver Lining and a short message from Chris. I would recommend this ministry to anyone trying to reach kids. They are professional, hard-working and a pleasure to work with.

Overall this weekend can be summed up in one word...INCREDIBLE!


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