New shoes

Another weapon were the shoes. These shoes were not made for comfort but rather to insure firm footing in battle. You need to know where to stand and how to stand. These shoes were tied on to the soldier and on the bottom were spikes..civilians had spikes that were 1” and the soldier had 3” spikes.
The gospel can be tied around you in such a way that every step you take is blessed by His presence. These shoes, tied on and strapped properly, enable us to do many things. They prepare us to love the reach the bring hope to those that have lost it.
Instead of “putting up with people” we are able to “put them up” honor them or esteem them above ourselves. And this type of attitude brings peace.
These shoes gives you a solid foundation. Firm footing.
Remember this...if you don’t stand for something, you’ll fall for anything.


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