Pushed, Pulled or Led

I was thinking about some of the activities in my life and the things that capture my attention. Some of them are not always good for me yet it seems that I am being pulled in their direction.

I realize as someone trying to shepherd people that there are all types of influences and influencers "pulling" for my attention. As I wrote on a sheet of paper some of these things I began to classify them as to whether I was pulled to them, pushed into them or led to them. Scripture says that we are to be "led" by the spirit of God. As I put them all on paper I noticed that many of the things that pulled me or pushed me were not the best things I could be doing. All of the things that I was led to were beneficial and life giving.

As a spirit being I am being led on a spiritual path if I just allow myself to be guided. God has a plan for me and a path for me to travel. Most of the times I get into trouble it comes from trying to push something through and then being pulled in a million different directions. They say let go and let God. God leads us into paths of righteousness. He leads me beside still waters. Being led is less stressful. Give up control today. Don't be pulled and don't push. Allow yourself to be led. Let me know what happens!


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